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Please note that CRESST reports were called "CSE Reports" or "CSE Technical Reports" prior to CRESST report 723.

#808 – Teaching Rational Number Addition Using Video Games: The Effects of Instructional Variation
Terry P. Vendlinski, Gregory K. W. K. Chung, Kevin R. Binning, and Rebecca E. Buschang


Understanding the meaning of rational numbers and how to perform mathematical operations seems to be a perennial problem in the United States for both adults and children. CRESST researchers hypothesized that giving students more time to practice using rational numbers in an environment that enticed them to apply their understanding might prove educationally beneficial. They developed a video game, based on two key ideas about addition and rational numbers, to investigate their hypothesis. in this initial study, they found that students using an appropriately design game increased their ability to add rational numbers even when playing the game for a relatively short period of time. The authors discuss implications for the larger efficacy study to follow.